Are You Ready ? Plan ahead.

Don’t Move Items You Won’t Need

Be sure to show the 1 Relocation Worldwide representative everything you plan to move. Sell or donate articles you will not need.

Personal Records

Obtain all personal records, such as medical, school, marriage and birth certificates and carry these personally.


Notify the utilities company, telephone company, fuel company, newspaper delivery service, milkman, diaper service and anyone else who should be told when service should be disconnected.

Change of Address

Get change of address notices from the post office, notify the draft board, social security office, insurance companies and relatives and friends.


Close local charge accounts and national accounts you will not have an occasion to use as well as savings and checking accounts.


Consult the overseas representative at your local bank about currency exchange, letters of credit, or possible currency and be sure to have some on hand when you arrive. Traveler’s checks are convenient and acceptable in virtually all countries.


Gather valuables from safe deposit boxes, jewelry boxes and dresser drawers. These should also be carried with you.

Inoculations and Vaccinations

Check with the consular representative of the country to which you are moving about required inoculations. The United States Public Health Service can advise you about optional immunizations.


Make your application well in advance, appearing in person at the application state department office. Allow at least two weeks for processing and delivery.


The consular representative for each particular country also can advise you if visas are required and how to obtain them. Work permits are often imperative and must be obtained before leaving the country.

Moving Day

Relax . . 1Relocation Worldwide takes over. You or your spouse should be on hand to confirm destination arrangements and receive your personal copies of the shipping papers.

Travel Arrangements

Make all travel arrangements and obtain your tickets well in advance. Also, familiarize yourself with alternate travel possibilities.


Make hotel reservations if needed, for your destination and any stops along the way, especially if traveling “in season”.

Living Arrangements

The U.S. Embassy in the foreign country can supply you with the names of real estate representatives or rental agents. Do not commit yourself to any formal agreements until after you have inspected the premises upon arrival.

Familiarize Yourself with The New Country

Spend as much time as possible with books and magazines concerning your new country. The public library is an excellent source for this kind of information.

Upon Arrival

Check in with the U.S. Embassy as soon as possible after arrival. The embassy can be of real help in answering questions and guiding you as to local registration and any other official procedures.