It is never too early to make a start. In an ideal world we would recommend you search for a specialist international mover two to three months in advance, to allow yourself sufficient time to obtain competitive quotations, finalize your move, shipping and storage requirements and make all the necessary arrangements.

No two moves are alike, and our quotation will be tailored to your specific requirements. We will include in our quotation pack your personalized ‘Move-Plan’, formulated from the information gathered during your home survey or discussion with one of our consultants on the telephone.


  • On site export packing by our skilled professionals
  • Removal to port or airport of departure
  • Export customs formalities
  • Shipment to arrival destination port or airport
  • Destination customs and quarantine clearance
  • Delivery to residence of normal access up to 1st floor level
  • Full unpacking of furniture and removal of unwanted packing materials

The quotation excludes storage at origin or destination, import duties, taxes or any other sums due to government departments; for example, Inspection fees where applicable, quarantine examination or steam cleaning fees, if ordered at your destination by the Authorities.

For information on destination customs formalities please click on the customs guides located on our website. Alternatively contact your embassy or consular office.

The relocation of used household goods from a primary residence are usually exempt from DUTIES/TAXES/VAT if the ultimate destination is the relocation of a primary residence, you have lived outside that country for more than 12 months and the items have been in your possession for more than 12 months.  However, it is best to enquire directly with the destination country consular offices and confirm your individual importation requirements under your immigration status.

The moving date can be governed by a number of factors; typically, completion of a home sale, the commencement of a new job, the end of rental lease, etc. Please give us as much notice as possible allowing the mover to schedule the many moving parts of your relocation. It is requested that you provide at least 2 weeks’ notice.

We will require a deposit with your confirmation of booking (please see our quotation for details). The balance is payable upon receipt of our invoice, following packing. We accept payment by banker’s draft or wire transfer. Please note that payment by check will require bank clearance prior to shipment. All business is undertaken subject to the 1Relocation Worldwide contract terms and conditions and governed under Florida law.

1 Relocation Worldwide does cover the entire United States (and globally) via our nationwide Agent network. We screen our agents in all markets to ensure a firm understanding of the requirements of international packing and loading techniques to ensure the safe transportation of your goods.

There are several considerations when selecting the most appropriate service for moving your effects. The overall quantity of goods, urgency of delivery, insurance considerations, route and budget all play a part in choosing the service that is right for you. As one of the largest overseas movers in the United States, 1 Relocation Worldwide obtains preferential rates and service from shipping lines and airlines to virtually any destination. We utilize our buying power carefully to negotiate the best possible rates and service for our customers and monitor all shipments from door-to-door.

This information is not definitive and is intended as a guide only.

There are various container services to choose between:

EXCLUSIVE CONTAINER (FCL) – If you are shipping sufficient quantities we will recommend a container for your exclusive use. This is the ideal solution as the container will be loaded and sealed at your home and in your presence (when possible), delivered directly to the port of departure and shipped on board the first available vessel. Often the container can be delivered direct from the destination terminal to your new home, subject to local customs and quarantine formalities, thereby avoiding any unnecessary handling throughout the journey. This method is also known as an FCL (Full Container Load). Transit by exclusive container (time on the water) varies typically from 4 to 6 weeks to Europe, to 10 to 12 weeks to Australasia.

This method can also apply if you are shipping a motor vehicle with your household goods where the combined volume amounts to a full container load. Using specialist equipment, the car will be loaded and secured with your household goods.

GROUPAGE CONTAINER – The alternative to the exclusive container is the groupage container, whereby your belongings share container space with other 1Relocation Worldwide consignments bound for the same destination markets, as soon as sufficient volumes are available. Groupage is a cost-effective solution for smaller shipments as you pay only for the container space utilized. The pricing on groupage shipments is particularly focused on the volume of the items being shipped so it is best to keep this in mind when coordinating your move as larger items will impact the costs more than weight.  As one of the largest groupage container operators in the United States, we are able to guarantee frequent sailings on all major routes worldwide. Transit by groupage container varies typically from 10 to 14 weeks to Europe and 16 – 18 weeks to Australia.

LESS THAN CONTAINER (LCL) – Consignments destined for countries not served by regular groupage container services are export packed in sturdy outer plywood cases (lift vans) and delivered to the container terminal for containerization by the shipping line. This method is known as LCL (less than container load). As bookings can be made for a specific sailing transit, times are similar to those by exclusive container but the costing utilized is like that of the Groupage shipment, volume based.

AIR FREIGHT – Airfreight has the obvious advantage of speed and is recommended for items that need to be there without delay such as wedding gifts, computers, business clothing and tools of trade. Airfreight can be cost-effective, even for larger consignments, particularly those to inland destinations many miles from a container port. Consignments are export packed, secured and transported in the cargo hold of passenger or freight aircraft. Transit time by air is typically between 10 and 14 days.

Certain items cannot be accepted for storage or transportation under general conditions of carriage and terms of Standard Liability. For example: food, cash, bonds, jewelry, alcohol, fireworks or other explosives, flammable gases whether liquid or solid, poisons and toxins, corrosives, radioactive materials, ammunition or firearms, scuba tanks, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, butane lighters and other pressurized vessels or pornography of any description. It is also inadvisable to include perishables or liquids, which could leak in transit causing extensive damage. If you have any concerns, please contact one of our team members.

It’s never too early to make a start. Even though our packers are experts, it is still a good idea to start sorting out the essentials well in advance. Attics, cellars, garages and sheds all need to be cleared, appliances need disconnecting and fixtures and fittings dismantling, refrigerators and freezers require defrosting and outdoor equipment thorough cleaning. Make sure you put aside important paperwork such as Passports and Air tickets.

At 1Relocation Worldwide we spare no expense in applying the finest quality, new packing materials to protect against extremes of temperature or humidity, sub-standard roads or high seas to which your possessions may be subjected in route to the final destination. So your possessions can travel around the world and still arrive in perfect condition.

  • Books, pictures, mirrors, wine, computers, bicycles, golf clubs, etc. are packed within suitable export cartons specifically designed for the items they contain.
  • China, glass and ornaments are wrapped first in clean, new protective paper and placed into dish barrels.
  • Sheets, blankets, pillowcases are packed into linen cartons.
  • Clothing that may suffer creasing in transit can be packed in upright wardrobe cartons.
  • Mattresses, settees and armchairs are packed into specially cushioned bags.
  • Carpets and rugs are rolled and wrapped in four-ply blankets.
  • All furniture is carefully padded and wrapped in multi-ply paper blankets.
  • Antique and designer furniture is further protected by corrugated cardboard and sheet board.
  • Silverware, brass and chrome are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to prevent tarnishing.
  • Crystal, glass and other select fragile items are protected with newsprint.
  • Chandeliers, figurines and porcelain are cushioned and can be crated on request.

Many countries will require your presence to clear your goods through customs. You may therefore wish to store your household goods at our security-protected facilities prior to shipment, following which we will arrange delivery to coincide with your arrival at destination.

Alternatively, we can arrange storage at destination if required.

Every precaution is taken to protect your possessions whilst they are in our care. Nevertheless, it is advisable to protect your belongings for a sum equivalent to replacement value at destination, including the shipping costs and import duty, that may otherwise be payable. Our Marine Transit Insurance covers loss or damage in transit from packing and collection and is valid until delivery to final residence or store, whichever is sooner.

If you wish to store your goods at origin or at destination, insurance may be extended to cover additional periods in store; please contact your move coordinator to arrange an extension. Our Insurance Proposal form and summary of cover will accompany your quotation. If you need assistance with the replacement values or completing the form, please contact us.

Please note that should you decline insurance, we will rely upon our terms and conditions, in the unforeseen event of loss or damage, however caused.

When your consignment arrives at the destination port or airport, our appointed representative will contact you to arrange customs and quarantine clearance, and a suitable date for delivery, unpacking and reinstatement of furniture and effects in your new home. Following unpacking, used materials and any debris will be removed from your home on that same delivery day.

However, if you opt for the ARRIVAL TO PORT ONLY option you will need to handle many of the challenges on you own.  1 Relocation Worldwide, upon receipt of final payment, will issue you an Express Released Bill of Lading which will allow you, along with the required customs documents, to present local customs with an application for entry and clearance.  Every country has a required list of documentation that must be presented for the entry but at 1Relocation Worldwide, we do send you a document that advises you of these requirements based on the latest information provided but always suggest you contact the local consulate prior to your relocation in order to ensure you have the right to import your belongings.

Once you have cleared the items, you must arrange the movement of your goods from the port facilities as you will not be allowed entry to the ports secure facilities.  For example, in the US if you loaded your own container, we brought it to your residence where it was loaded.  In turn, at arrival, you must arrange a trucking company to transport the container from the port to a location for you to take possession, it is not part of your cost structure unless contracted.  You will also be liable for all charges incurred at the destination port, i.e. terminal handling fees, deconsolidation and warehouse charges, customs clearance and is not included in our charges.