Overseas & International Movers

There are many different ways to ship your items overseas. Which one is best for you requires a conversation with one of our team members to see what the requirements of your move are and then working together to find the most cost effective way to get from here to there.


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Ocean Transport.

The most common and cost-efficient way to transport household belongings to a new country is by shipping them via sea freight. Depending on the amount of items that you are shipping, you can ship the items utilizing an entire container for your goods or a proportional part of the container and transporting your items in a liftvan.

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Air Cargo.

Get it there fast. Sometimes, things need to go and get to where they are going fast. Air freight give you that, the quickest option to destination but it comes with a premium. You should take into consideration the size, weight and destination when considering this method. It is suggested to only use this for essential items such as clothing with the balance going ocean.

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