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Where do you want to go? To boldly go where no one has gone before. Just kidding, where are you moving .

Executive Class International Moving Services.

It all begins with an idea that turns into a plan. Maybe your decision to move is for work, for family or just because you’re looking for a new adventure, we’ve got you covered.


Make it happen.

International moving and storage, for individuals and businesses, that is what we do and we do it great!

At 1 Relocation Worldwide, we have the experience, resources and capabilities to move your valuable possessions safely and economically, whatever the distance and complexity of your move. We got you, we have done this a thousand times and have the experience to find the solution. We got you covered.

Make a Move

Let the pros do the work.

It may sound like fun and seem like a way to keep costs in check, but most of the time we suggest letting the mover pack your belongings. As movers, we pack and wrap household items everyday, so we are experts. You also need to consider that when you pack your own items, your ability to purchase marine transit coverage against loss or damage to your contents cannot be issued, insurers want to make sure that the pros do this.

We have many different types of boxes for your move, some hold books, other linen, and even your smart TV. We also have specialize materials that we use for furniture, artwork, all sorts of stuff. Let us handle this, in the end it is more than worth it.

Leave it to the pros

“Let us handle the stress of the move, you can take care of the important stuff, each other. ”

— 1Relo

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In today’s reality, we are never really disconnected. Feel free to reach out to any team member, any day and you will find us surprisingly available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to help. Let’s start things.